Buffy the Vampire

For about ten years now I’ve known a woman – we’ll call her B, for the sake of the pun – who is a rare example of a real-life psychic vampire.

It was subtle, when I first met her. Most folks would just describe her as “needy”. At that time in my life, I had a lot of friends with whom I was fairly physically intimate – these were the heydays of the WPA, and the couches in the dormitory kitchen/lounge where we met were almost always filled well beyond capacity. We greeted each other and parted with warm hugs, and no one thought anything of it. But as more and more of the group got into and out of relationships, and just as we got a couple years older, B’s hugs started to change. It wasn’t that she touched anyone inappropriately (not back then, anyway), but when she touched you … you came back diminished. And if you wouldn’t let her touch you, she’d give you the kind of look a kicked puppy gives you: uncomprehending disappointment. After a few months, it got to where I, at least, didn’t feel safe touching anyone when she was around.

The group met twice monthly, and every meeting I came home feeling exhausted. This was a rough period in my life, and the WPA was my only social outlet. I thought that it was dealing with people, putting on a happy face and pretending that I wasn’t coming apart at the seams, that left me so drained. But we had a lot of turnover, that year, including picking up a few people who’d been around the block more than us, and for reasons that escape me now (hell, maybe I never even knew back then), B began to miss about every second or third meeting. And we started to realize that on days B wasn’t there, we all had more fun and still felt good at the end of the night. Those of us who had been practicing magic for years – the group was always a mix of newbies and (relatively) more experienced practitioners – got to where we could feel our energy pouring into her.

We started meeting at people’s homes over the summer, and several of us warded our homes against her. One couple did the classic freezer-binding; I had her, and the rest of the WPA, cast a circle around the house I was living in, then used her part in the circle-casting to teach the wards what they needed to keep a lid on. House-level wards were effective, but almost nothing short was. Strangely enough, it was almost impossible to get people to join the group.

We tried calling her on it, in our various immature ways. “B, your aura’s sticking to me again.” “Can I have my power back? I wasn’t done with it.” She pretended we were joking, but by the time I was setting things in motion to move to St. Louis, I was being more direct: “You’re draining me again. Stop it.” “I’m sorry, I didn’t even know I was doing it” “I know. That’s what makes it even worse.”

Then I moved to St. Louis, and left her in everyone else’s hands. Their town, their problem.

I heard stories occasionally, of course. She found a group to do full, formal circles with, and it was filling her to the brim with power. Mutual friends of mine and hers moved, and found sticky cobwebs of her power after they’d taken down all their own wards. People would learn to shield against her, and she’d ask third parties why so-and-so didn’t like her anymore. Once, when supposedly casting a circle of protection, she ate all the mana out of a wall. On several occasions she has made people sick as fuck. People unaccustomed to her presence feel ill as soon as she walks into a room.

I saw her tonight for the first time in years. My lady-friend and a mutual acquaintance were hit first, almost as soon as she entered the room. It took a little while longer to overwhelm me, but not much: even working in the mall is not as toxic as half an hour in the same room as B. Before we all left, I had to pull tendrils off of each of them – sick, orange things that left a residue like fast-growing fungus.

Merely being in the same room as this woman made most of us exhausted, irritable, and even nauseous.

Tragically, there is not yet any conclusion to this tale. B remains at large, psychically assaulting everyone within reach, and driving newcomers away from the WPA – now the KU Cauldron. Something must be done, but what? Talk to her? Certainly the first step. Bind her? And be bound to her forever? Psychically assault her in return? All three, possibly.

How long will this go one before someone intervenes?

What troubles me most about B – what troubles me most about every one of the not quite half-dozen vampires I have encountered in the almost fifteen years I have practiced magic – is how similar their power is to my own. To heal, to weave … or to drain and bind … these things are not so different. I am partially resistant to her attacks, particularly aware of them, because I am perfectly capable of replicating them.



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5 responses to “Buffy the Vampire

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  2. I stumbled upon this post because it was linked to one of your more recent posts. Has anyone made/strongly suggested B take up and regularly practice some form of martial art or yogic dicipline as a condition for group work? From personal experience it is best way to heal/stop vampires. Most vampiricism I’ve experienced comes from one of a person’s energy centers being compromised and them trying to fill the energy emptiness created.

    • To the best of my knowledge, every possible polite form of intervention has been attempted. Repeated attempts have been made to get her to even acknowledge the behavior, which she continues to deny is even happening, let alone is deliberate. The year she showed up at a Haloween party dressed as a tentacle monster, though, clearly put paid to that lie.

      My best assessment of the reason for B’s behavior is that, yes her energies were/are compromised initially as a result of an isolated (and possibly neglectful) upbringing and a number of poor personal choices leading to a downward emotional spiral. Unfortunately, none of us knew to or how to help her until she crossed a line and became “addicted” to the power rush that comes with the abusive behavior her particular form of psychic vampirism entails. At this point, after events that took place at HPF, it has become clear that binding and or hexing is the only solution to the problem … unfortunately, she’s outside my jurisdiction so to speak–I now live three states away and hope never to return to Larryville except to visit my family–and it would be inappropriate (to say nothing of exceptionally difficult) for me to be the one to do so under the circumstances without a direct request for aid by someone in that territory. (And, yes, I realize that sounds like troll logic. It’s an ethical decision I mull over again every Dark Moon.)

      • Ah, good for you for washing of your hands of it. If it is deliberate and willful then there’s not much an outside party can do. Vampires and unchecked energy feeders are a fairly frequent occurrence that too many tolerate well beyond the limits of sanity. Martial arts do work but they require the feeder to acknowledge that there is a problem, and invest a level of personal effort in fixing it.

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