Days of the Dead

Today is Samhain, celebrated as the neoPagan counterpoint to Haloween, All Saints Eve, and Dia de los Muertos.  The astrological cross-quarter is actually a week from today.

I usually throw down pretty hard for Samhain, but I don’t think I’m going to this year.  I nursed a friend through a drunken flashback this weekend, and it really drove home for me that it’s just not that kind of Samhain this year.  My life is too fucked right now.  I think everybody’s life is too fucked right now.  So instead of having a lot of people over for a big ritual, I’m going to set up an altar to my honored dead and spend the week in mourning and contemplation.  I’m going to focus on my transitionary state, and my mortality, and maybe make a few trips to the underworld.

Blessed be, everyone.  Be safe.  Be loved.  And if you’re having a better year than many of us, please drink a toast to our health.

And try picking up a Guy Fawkes or V for Vendeta mask at the Haloween stores as they start closing down tomorrow, for your Occupy Wallstreet related magics.


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