Samhain Altar and Rites


Many of the things which belong on the altar you see above seem to have been misplaced in the move.  This strikes me as somehow appropriate.  I have spent the week between callender and astrological dates of Samhain in off-and-on meditation on loss and transition. 

It is perhaps no coincidence – particularly as I work through my issues with Yesod and the Moon – that I have felt exceptionally burnt out over the last week.  I’m very happy with where I’m at, and with where I’m going.  But I’ve given up a lot and gone through a lot to get here.    I’ll have to give up more to get where I’m going.

I’ve spent a lot of time dwelling on these sacrifices and transformations – both past and future.  And I think that these ruminations – the details of which are too personal to share, even here, and of no particular value to anyone but myself anyway – have been fruitful, but they have also been painful.

Tonight these rites and meditations will be complete.  I’ll share the rest of my Mabon mead and a bit of the Samhain bottle with friends tonight, and finish celebrating the latest anniversary of my birth.  I will be glad to disassemble the Samhain altar in the morning, and begin getting back to living my life.


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