Annual Reading Part 2/2

I’ve been struggling over the second part of my annual reading.  Not just the meanings, which become less and less clear as I use my Robin Wood tarot deck less and less, but even to find time to look at it.  So I’m going to post the outline now and go over each period as I come to them.  Probably more useful that way anyway.

For Part 1/2 look here.

Below the fold are my chronological reading and some of the synthesis between the two.


Scorpio ~ November – Queen of Cups

Sagittarius ~ December – 10 Swords – fix with 7 Cups

Capricorn ~ January – 5 Cups – fix with 10 Disks

Aquarius ~ February – X Wheel of Fortune

Pisces ~ March – Ace of Cups

Aries ~ April – Knight of Disks

Taurus ~ May – Queen of Wands

Gemini ~ June – 8 Disks

Cancer ~ July – 5 Disks – fix with Page of Wands

Leo ~ August – II the High Pirestess

Virgo ~ September – Ace of Wands

Libra ~ October – XI Justice

Underlying = 2 Wands


10 Swords = Underlying 1 + Sagittarius

2 Wands = 4th House + Underlying 2

X Fortune/Wheel of Fortune = 5th House + Aquarius

Knight of Disks = 8th House + Aries

Ace of Wands = 12th House + Virgo

XI Justice / VIII Adjustment = Libra + fix 3rd House


IX the Hermit = fix 1st House

XV the Devil = 2nd House

VIII Adjustment = fix 3rd House

X Fortune = 5th House

XIV Art = 6th House

XI Lust = fix 7th House

XVI the Tower = 10th House

X Wheel of Fortune = Aquarius

II the High Pirestess = Leo

XI Justice = Libra


Knight of Disks = 8th House

Princess of Swords = 10th House

Queen of Disks = 11th House

Princess of Wands = central theme

Knight of Swords = crosses PrsWands

Queen of Cups = Scorpio

Knight of Disks = Aries

Queen of Wands = Taurus

Page of Wands = fix Gemini

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