State of the Dream: New Years 2012

It’s been a hell of a year for the blog and I. 

I graduated from my community college with honors.  I applied to real colleges and went on a road trip to see them.  In the process I made my first forays into practical divination, exploring the options using Tarot.  At the conclusion of which, I pulled a Tower and a Hanged man at the same time, moving from the Westernmost end of Missouri to the Easternmost point of Indiana for said college. 

I performed my first wedding and conjured gods I’d never even heard of before.  I started my experiments in Western Ceremonial Magic. I did so much magic that I couldn’t even write about it all.  I did so much research I don’t even know where to start writing.  Even so, I wrote a hundred and one posts in 2011, just over four times the previous two years combined.

My followers have doubled over the last year—many of them people I don’t know in the physical world!—and my hitcount has skyrocketed over the last months in particular.  There as that post I pimped out on /r/occult back in September.  And participating in Deborah Castellano’s New Year, New You project has definitely gleaned me a few hits.  Several times, I’ve actually gotten as may as sixty or seventy hits a day.  I have had readers from Russia, the UK, Malaysa, Canada, Germany, Australia … just to name a few.

This is kind of a big deal.  Thank you all for being along for the ride.  I hope to see more of you all soon.

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