New Year, New You: Checking In With My Goals: Talismans and Astral Projection

I set myself a number of goals to complete by then end of break:


1) Finish the car-protection talismans … [Complete]

2) Write up my Dark Moon rites … [Complete]

3) Keep up with the New Year New You prompts … [So far, so good]

Short Term: Complete Before Break Ends

1) Interpret the natal chart I’ve calculated for Sannafrid … [FAIL]

2) New title for my book of shadows … [Complete]

3) Research or design and make a talisman to help me with my Greek language studies … [WIP]

4) Resume my attempts at astral projection.  [WIP]

So far, I think that I’m doing pretty well.

The car-protection talismans, as it turned out, did not need more work so much as to finish “baking”.  A second round of orange (Mercury/Hod) chime candles and a few more days in the altar was all they needed to feel “done”.  I could feel mine at work—along with the Ganesha who, as Deborah suggested, now lives on the dash—as I made the drive.  There were no scary moments, no construction delays, no cops, and no accidents or detours anywhere between the Western border of Missouri and the Eastern border of Indiana.  For those of you who’ve never made that drive, that’s really pretty improbable. 

I am even now working on my Mercury talisman to help me with my study of the Ancient Greek language(s).  Since I’m going to be drawing on Mercury anyway, I’m thinking now’s as good a time as any to make a more general Mercury talisman to help me with the Retrograde and somewhat afflicted Mercury in my natal chart—an idea for which I must thank Lon Milo DuQuette (Low Magick), who in turn got it from Mr. Israel Regardie.  The designs are done (or as done as I get things before going into trance and, well, doing them), and I just need to go shopping for some supplies (Setting up a new temple takes so much work.  I might be done before I finish my undergrad.  Maybe.)  More on that tomorrow when the Work is done.

Last night and the night before, I made my first attempts at astral projection in a number of years.  An actual book on the subject does not seem to have made it back to Indiana with me, but fortunately for me: we have the internet.  The first night I simply tried to pull the techniques from memory (I did study the subject intensively, once upon a time), and got as far as walking around my apartment … but I made the attempt as part of a larger, visionary Moon-working, and I believe that I was hemmed in by my Circle.  The second night (last night)  I attempted a sort of modified Monroe technique, and got as far as the vibratory state.  Unfortunately, I repeatedly fell asleep while making the attempt and ultimately gave up for the evening.  Still: the goal I set myself for “before classes resume” (they resumed today) was to renew my attempts.  My goal for success is Valentines Day and the goalpost of the New Year, New You project.

That leaves only one goal for the break between semesters unaccomplished: Sannafrid’s natal chart.  I suck.  In my defense: I did get a lot done, and her chart is complicated: two very busy Houses, lots of aspects, and three empty Houses.


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  1. I'm glad the Ganesha worked! Good progress!

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