My Name Is A Heart Encircled By A Serpent

I have now performed the rite of the Stele of Jeu the Hieroglyphist three times as a part of my lunar rites.  It has been, without question, one of the most powerful magical operations I have ever performed.

The first time, at the last Dark Moon, the sheer power of it got me so high that I forgot to take down my circle; I had strange visions and nightmares that night, and when I did to Yoga the next day, I walked out feeling like a god.

The second time, at the Full Moon, was less dramatic; I was high, but not disorientingly so, and I could feel the magic moving out into my Web of Influence.  Although there may have been other factors—stress from too heavy a course-load, conflicts with a professor, and a sorting out some issues with my lover, among other things—I hardly got one good night of rest out of three for the next two weeks.  My patience with any sort of bullshit vanished altogether, and my temper was entirely out of control.  These symptoms faded over the early-semester break, but did not disappear entirely until the next Dark Moon, when I performed the ritual again.

The third time, again at the Dark of the Moon, was less dramatic still.  I think I need to linger more over the voces magicae and Barbarous Words.  My patience has returned, some, and my temper faded; more importantly, though, my will to act has been charged.

Though I feel that the results so far have been extremely positive—excepting the insomnia, which may or may not be related—I am still struggling to understand the precise affects of the ritual.  Jack Faust argues—and convincingly—that it is somehow related to the ἀγαθός δαίμων (agathos daimon).  Crowley’s Liber Semekh was derived from a less complete version of this ritual, known as the London Papyrus 46(1), thus linking it to the tradition of modern Western Ceremonial Magic and the pursuit of Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

The ritual, which reads as an exorcism of sorts—“…deliver him, ____, from the daimon which restrains him…”(2)—is thick with interesting syncretism.  The magician identifies himself as Moses, and with the line of the prophets of Israel.  He also identifies himself a the “Messenger of the Pharaoh Osoronnophris (a cult-name for Osiris).  Osoronnophris and IAO (a Graeco-Egyptian name for YHVH) are both evoked (or perhaps invoked), and the ritual culminates with a particularly interesting and graphic image and imperative: “My name is a heart encircled by a serpent, come forth and follow.”(3)

Now, bear with me a moment as I seem to change subjects:

Over the last several weeks, I have also been using a variation of DuQuette’s Ganesha banishing/invocation to start my day and to open my rites.  Not feeling sufficient personal resonance with Ganesha, however, I have substituted a deity that I can subsume myself in utterly: Eros the Elder.  When I perform this banishing/invocation, it gets me high.  Really, really high, actually.  And the sensation is interestingly similar to what I’ve felt while performing the rite of the Stele of Jeu.  And, if you didn’t follow that link I just gave you, you missed this image:


A heart encircled by a serpent, perhaps?

Now, before anyone jumps me: I’m not drawing any conclusions.  Maybe I just don’t have enough experience invoking transcendent powers to tell them apart in the heat of the moment.  (The temptation to make a sexual analogy here is almost overwhelming.)  But it’s interesting, and I’d love to hear thoughts from anyone else who’s tried either ritual.

Regardless, things in my life are already starting to move around.  I can’t see the effects, yet, but I can feel them.  Temper, patience, and will to act as noted above.  More people going out of their way to get my attention—both people I already knew and people I’ve never even seen, let alone spoken to.  And some really, really strange and interesting things are starting to happen to my aura, which deserve a post all their own.

Further details as they come.

1—As described by Hymanaeus Beta in his foreword and footnotes to the Illustrated Second Edition of The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King. Weiser: York Beach Main (1995).

2—Betz, Hans Dieter.  The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation: Including the Demotic Spells.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press (1986) PGM V.124-5.

3—Ibid. 155-6


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7 responses to “My Name Is A Heart Encircled By A Serpent

  1. When you do the Stele of Jeu rite, what do you do for preparation or setting up? I do it nightly (or try to, I’ve been failing at that lately), but I don’t get anything near as exhilarating an experience as you describe.

    • I’ve started with a shower, donning my ritual robes (I specify this because I don’t nescessarily always play dress-up with my magic), opened with my Pentagram Rite, cast an elemental circle, poured a circle of salt around me, and lit another four elemental candles within that. I also pour a libation of homebrew toward the beginning of the ritual (in between the preliminary and the main rituals), and again at the end.

    • Also, if you don’t mind me asking a question in return, what do you do to replace the “6 Names” and the “formula” which the preliminary ritual does not provide?

      • I have a small pewter medallion I engraved with the “beneficial sign” on one side and the names “Aoth Abraoth Basym Isak Sabaoth Iao” on the other. When I do the ritual in the physical, I wear the medallion (which replaces the papyrus strip across the forehead) and start with the names and the formula “Subject to me all spirits so that every spirit…”. When I do the ritual in the astral, I walk up to my altar and draw out the “beneficial sign” in front of me and have it hover and glow in a white light while saying the words and the formula; the light eventually expands once I get to the “Anlala lai gaia…” words.

  2. Phanes, ‘eh? Very cool. Have you considered combining the Invocation with Orphic Hymn #5 (in the Taylor collection, at least)? He’s a Higher Order entity, of sorts, so his approach may be felt similarly. There may be some other syncretisms that

    • Ugh. Sorry. “There may be some other syncretisms between the entity conjured in the Stele, and Phanes. But on that topic, I am unaware.”

      I realize I wasn’t asked, but…I personally fond of using Franz Bardon’s cleansing techniques or taking a hyssop bath before the ritual, in addition to fasting. I also make sure to spend the time before I do the ritual to meditate rather than eating, etc. It makes sliding into ecstasis while doing the ritual much, much easier for me. And that state is what helps trigger the vision trance moments, etc.

    • That had not even occurred to me, but it sounds like a fabulous idea! I should really spend some more time with the Orphic Hymns, even though I haven’t really finished working my way through the Homeric. (One of the problems with having so many areas of interest is that sometimes it takes even longer to get very deep into of any one of them.)

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