Abramelin Oil

Back in November, when I was still on track with my work through Penczak’s Temple of High Witchcraft, I started a batch of Abramelin Oil.  I finally got around to distilling it.  As described previously, I used Aaron Leitch’s technique, and about 3.5 oz total dry materia.


Mixed with 1.6 oz olive oil (a hair short of the 2:1 ratio the recipe called for, but I’d rather it a little strong over a little weak), it’s still a pretty amazing shade of red.  Below was my net result, which turned out pretty awesome:


I’ve thrown the Dead Head back in the cabinet to try to extract whatever’s left, and will add that in a month or two once I’m content I’ve gotten out all the essential oil that I can.

In the mean time this will make a pretty awesome offering and dedication oil.



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4 responses to “Abramelin Oil

  1. Confound you! My own attempt at Abramelin oil from dry ingredients was an abysmal failure (the Abramelin part after extraction from the tincture just turned to this gritty sediment in the olive oil). I need to retry this eventually.

  2. Mine has continued to mature as it sits on my altar. At first, the tar-like substance predominated the oil – I had to wipe it off of my finger whenever I dipped into the jar. Over time, that seemed to settle and pure Abramelin oil has risen to the top in more-than-useable quantity. 🙂

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