Hod Altar—or, Seething on the Bench

I disassembled my Yesod Altar last night and built up an altar representing the powers of Mercury in Hod.  This, of course, is a part of my ongoing studies in Western Ceremonialism.


I chose last night to do it, in part, because I wanted to upgrade the talisman I’ve been using to help with my studies in Ancient Greek.

Then I remembered (again) that Mercury is still retrograde, and that not only is any magic a bad idea, but that Mercurial magic specifically directed at communication was an exceptionally bad idea.

The results from my last experiment were less than ideal.   To say I haven’t slept right since would be an exaggeration, and imply a causal connection that is probably better attributed to a combination of  school-stress and the manic side of SAD exacerbated by unseasonable weather.  In this wake of this, a friend pointed out that perhaps Mercury Retrograde and the Vernal Equinox (the former in general and the combination in particular) were not the best time to be fucking with shit if I didn’t want to break my brain (again).  I decided he was right, and have pretty much set aside all my experiments in favor of some basic aura maintenance and Yoga.  This is probably the best decision I could make, because I really do feel a lot better after another rest.

But I’m starting to get antsy.  That’s, again, at least party the unseasonable weather and the inevitable energy burst of spring.  But I’m hot to get back into the magic.  This isn’t βούλομαι—a rational wish or desire.  This is ἐπιθυμεω (longing desire) bordering on ἐραω (love+lust).

I have always been drawn to magic; the more I do it, the more I lust after it.

I cant wait for Mercury to turn direct so I can get back to work.



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2 responses to “Hod Altar—or, Seething on the Bench

  1. Can I ask, do you refrain from doing *all* types of magic when Mercury is in Rx? Specifically – would you still do energy type magic with visualisations for healing (for example) and refrain from ritual magic with a more organised element?

    • The better question–which I don’t have the answer to–is “should I refrain?” I’m still very new to planetary magic and working with planetary influences.

      That said, unless one is very personally affected by the effects of Mercury going retrograde, I would imagine that energetic healing and other personal-energy-weaving types of things are generally unaffected. Certainly that’s the overwhelming majority of the magic I have practiced in my life and, with the exception of the times I abused it, it’s never blown up in my face.

      In fact, Sannafrid and I each did some healing magic on her last weak after she pulled a muscle. I’m not certain exactly what her work entailed (I wasn’t there), but my part was laying-hands/energy based and it worked beautifully. Her level of pain was reduced almost instantly and the rate of healing seems to have improved exponentially.

      But I have curtailed my journeywork and conjuration for the duration. As always, your mileage may vary.

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