Manic March

April showers bring May flowers.  That’s what they taught me as a child, anyway.  It’s a gross oversimplification of course, but still …


I took this picture two weeks ago, just before harvesting a few flowers for my Ostara Altar.  The flowers—star magnolia, Ginko tells me—have finished blooming and fallen to the ground and  been replaced by leaves.  Although the middle of last week was seasonably cool—there was even a threat of frost Monday night—the fact is that Spring has come a solid six weeks early.

We’re into April, now, but … I have been bouncing off the fucking walls for a solid month.  Fuck, it’s 2.30am as I type this, and I should have been asleep hours ago.

Partly this is just me pinging from stress. I always get frantic in the Spring Semester.

Part of this is the unseasonable warmth, and the off-and-on thunderstorm.  A good, solid rain helps me sleep.   But this … the tension in the air has me buzzing

A lot of it is the very nature of witchcraft—one of the major purposes of the rituals we do is to attune ourselves to the natural cycles of the land, and part of it may an unanticipated side effect of some of the magic I did to establish myself here in Indiana: I made a point of putting down roots, binding myself to the land. 

The land is alive and awake.

And I am alive and awake.

A lot of the time it’s awesome.  Right now, though, it kind of sucks.


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  1. OMG, yes, 100%. I am alternating right now between, “Help, please, I can’t keep up with this,” and “MORE MORE MORE.”

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