Early Lessons of My First Forays Into Sigil Magic

I’ve been experimenting with sigils.

This is partly because Gordon recently wrote the clearest treatise on the subject I’ve ever seen.  There’s also the whole thing where, until I started digging into the Western Ceremonial Tradition, I didn’t really understand how Chaos Magick was distinct from it.  It’s also just an inevitable manifestation of my escalating magical practice, and forays into practical magic.

I haven’t been doing as good a job of keeping notes as I should have, but it’s also only been about ten days since I launched my first shoal.  I’ve been firing them off in accordance with the appropriate planetary days and hours using either appropriately-colored chime candles to help fuel them, or votive candles marked with the planetary glyphs.  I’ve also been experimenting with quick-and-easy circle constructions to help power and focus the sigils.

Here, in no particular order, are some of my first impressions.  Fellow n00bs may find them interesting; more experienced sigil-users may be amused.

1) Holy shit, drawing sigils is FUN.

2) While I’ve generally thought of sigils as quick-and-dirty magic, I think I need to refine my technique.  Quick-and-dirty just isn’t as psychologically satisfying, particularly when I need something more complex (conceptually) than some candle-based healing magic.  Firing them off should be just as much fun as drawing them in the first place.

3) Timing is key: Do not fire off “The Registrar Gives Me What I Need” while simultaneously expecting that registrar to sit on a piece of paperwork for a week.  Even if you don’t need it processed with any alacrity, you may find yourself inconvenienced when your change-of-advisor form gets processed overnight and your old advisor can no longer provide you with the password for class registration.

Besides that temporary inconvenience, however, that sigil seems to have worked out well: my appointment to discuss my transfer with the registrar has been rescheduled (at her behest) for after the Jupiter election.

4) Specifying duration is key: The “I Have Fantastic Sex” sigil was AWESOME … the night I fired it.  It’s been back to business as usual (which, lest my lovers who read this blog take this statement amiss, is still pretty awesome) ever since.

5) Coming up with “Sigils to Fire for Saturday” is not the way to go.  I need to work on my “100 Bad Ideas” list first, sort out the good ideas, and then sort them into planetary correspondences.



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5 responses to “Early Lessons of My First Forays Into Sigil Magic

  1. Congrats on the sex sigil. 🙂

    Present tense definitely works. Keep us posted on how the planetary timings work out for you.

    • Thanks.

      I’m getting better at present-tensing my desire, but I’m going to start translating some of these things into Greek pretty soon. The Attic present conveys a stronger sense of “continuous” than the English equivalent, and I’m curious to see how that will go.

      And I’ll definitely keep people posted on how these things turn out, and that my successes and failures alike will continue to be amusing enough to hold people’s interest.

  2. erishilton

    I’ve dappled in Chaos Magick a bit, sigils mostly. There is something very powerful about a well-designed and artfully done sigil. For me, the extra effort makes the magick that much more potent, and the results are very black and white. It happens-POP-BAM or it tragically backfires. Energetically, it feels off for me, so I reserve it for magickal emergencies. I married a Chaote, so that makes it a bit interesting too.

    • Sigil magic is definitely a different deal from any magic I’ve done before. I haven’t had anything backfire on me quite yet, but … well, it’s magic, so it’s only a matter of time.

      • erishilton

        Mine either go so well that I look around and go “Whoa! did I do that?”, or they fail so miserably that it’s comical. Sometimes, I’d rather go with the sure thing.

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