My Circle of the Art

If I had stuck to my original plan and followed Penczak’s Temple of High Witchcraft precisely, I would even now be completing an illustrated map of the cosmos to replace the Qabalistic Tree of Life in my own theology.  I’ll get to that eventually, but I would like to explore the Planetary Realms and the pathways between them a little more thoroughly before I try to map the Labyrinth of the Obsidian Dream.

In the meantime, however, my studies of ceremonialism, Hermetics, and astrological magic have culminated in enough understanding to produce this much:


My Circle of the Art

I suppose it is a cosmogram of sorts: god-names in the outer ring, then the Planets followed by the signs of the zodiac—celestial powers and the lenses through which they are focused—and, finally, the Triangle of Conjuration in the center representing the material world.  The names in the outer ring were chosen carefully, of course.  Dionysus and Rhea, long-standing allies and friends.  Hermes, patron of this art.  And Hekate, patron of (among other things) witches.  All powers of somehow ambiguous status in regards to the earth, the underworld, and the upper realms.   Iao and Agathos Daimon: two visions of Mystery and all-consuming power.  Drawn large enough to be used as a base for other work, I may place stones or candles at the appropriate planetary or astrological glyphs, and/or  place talismans of relevant powers within the circle and the triangle.  It’s nowhere nearly as cool as RO’s Box or Skyllaros’ Conjuration Station … but it’s a start.

Although I will be redirecting the bulk of my efforts toward the study of Chaos Magick—I have already begun reading Liber Null and finally acquired a copy of Condensed Chaos to re-read—I will not actually be abandoning what I have learned over the last year.  There will be astrological elections too good to resist.  There will be moments when planetary magic or more formal rites will be more appropriate to the task at hand.  There will be things I need to deal with that I might not be willing to engage using the “bare handed” techniques of Chaos.  This, and the altar I inscribe it on, will be there for me when those times come.

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