So … What Is My Personal Practice, Anyway?

Having committed publically to not letting my personal practice slip any further while I work on Project Null, I find myself in a position of needing to define it.  Which is probably good for me, really.  The goals for this sort of work are not going to be as specific as those for Project Null, but it will behoove me to pursue them with at least equal vigor.

Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Develop My Relationship With My Household Spirits.  Three spirits now “live” on my altar: Sue, ZG, and SKM.  One is a longtime friend, and accustomed to my occasional lapses … besides which, she’s got her own shit going on (not that she tells me anything about it).  My relationships with ZG and SKM, my Natal Genius and Demon respectively, are new.  More importantly, as natal spirits, I’m pretty much their primary focus (assuming I have any idea how these things work, anyway), and they are allies I can’t afford to neglect.  The one because I need that inspiration and insight; the other because “idle hands …”, “with friend like that …”, and all that rot.

Resume and Refine My Devotional Practice.  Specifically, I need to step up my game in regards to Dionysus and Rhea.  This will involve both research and visionary work.  I need to come up with appropriate offerings/sacrifices, and a schedule for making them. 

Speaking of Visonary Work.  I keep letting that slide; I shouldn’t.  I wish to continue exploring the planetary and elemental realms, and, more importantly, the hidden corners of my own Inner Temple.

Art.  Above and beyond the fact that I want to do more art for its own sake, it is increasingly a part of my spiritual practices.  I want to do more automatic drawing in conjunction with conjurations.  I want to do more art based on my visionary experiences.  I want to do a whole bunch of arts-and-(witch)craft projects that have been on the back burner for a while, ranging from getting back into mask-making to a protective spell to help a friend with an alcoholic room-mate manage the charge on her space.  There will be a lot of overlap between this and my experiments with sigils and hypersigils.

Homebrew.  My failure to keep up on this has more to do with cashflow stoppage than anything else, but I need to get back on the mead brewing.  Partly because it’s part of my devotional practice in respect to Dionysus, but mostly just because it’s awesome and makes me happy.  And drunk.  I also want to post the recipes I’ve had success with but haven’t gotten around to typing up.

This list is probably going to grow, but it’s a good place to start.


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