Failed Enchantment: No Scholarship for Satyr Magos

I don’t often enchant for concrete outcomes.  The fact is that I have most of what I want and need.  My web of influence (and social privilege) and mundane efforts keep things flowing pretty well.  Most of my enchantments are aimed at bolstering that web: my planetary talismans, my safe-travel spells, and my circles of protection.  Every once in a while, though, I do need something specific badly enough that I enchant for it: generally it works; this time it didn’t.

At the end of July I was invited to apply for a “scholarship” (actually a service-based work-study) program offered by my school.  I cut things pretty close last year, and part of the problem was that I couldn’t get all my work-study hours, which the program would guarantee me.  In addition to about a thousand extra dollars to live on each semester, it also offered a stipend for summer work.  I wanted it badly.

As one is supposed to, I did a Tarot spread about the application.  On the one hand the message was clear: yes, I should apply.  On the other hand, the actual outcome was more ambiguous.


I put in the work on both ends. I was given two weeks from the time I received the invitation to the due date. I busted ass on application, itself, and turned it in on time.   It was a damn good application essay, if I do say so myself.

Aradia and I charged a sigil and fired it off with a seven-day candle.  I then sent that sigil to a few, select, close friends so that they could help charge it, too.


Then I waited.  I was supposed to hear back about my application by the 6th of August.  No word came.  I got caught up in the process of packing, and basically let it go.

I got to Sunrise on the 14th of August.  Still no word had come.  So I walked up to the office and asked.  The email had been sent, they told me.  But, no: I had not been selected for the program.  The application and the spell had failed.

There are a lot of variables here.  Perhaps my application was invalidated for some technical reason I can’t know.  Perhaps the sigils I designed were flawed in some way.  Aradia and I raised energy for the sigils by laughter; perhaps that was not the way to go.  Perhaps passing them off for a boost was a bad idea.  Perhaps they somehow conflicted with other enchantments I have in place to assure my financial solvency.  Perhaps my mistake was as simple as failing to encode a time frame: perhaps I will be selected for the program next year, on the basis of the same application.

A brief consultation with the Tarot—“Why did my spell to receive the scholarship fail?”—produced what you see below….


…. which basically comes across as pure static.  Obviously, one could interpret this as “you didn’t put the work in”, but …. to the best of my ability to determine, I did.  And the optimist in me wants to try to spit in as, “because something better is in the pipeline.” 

Thoughts or suggestions would be very welcome.



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5 responses to “Failed Enchantment: No Scholarship for Satyr Magos

  1. Last year I had a similar problem. I enchanted to get a specific job using Jason Millers S.S. course materials. I did *everything*. I summoned spirits, used sigils, did planetary work. Hell I even did some blood sorcery from Sorceress Cagliastro’s stuff . I got really close, invited for first and second interviews, told by the director himself to await HR’s call with a salary offer… I waited and waited and they hired someone else. I wrote Jason and was like “WTF I did everything right and it didn’t work”.

    He wrote back and told me sometimes magic can only bring you so far. Sometimes the odds are still just against you no matter what you do and how much magic you throw at it. I’d imagine with a scholarship there is heavy competition and a lot of people applying. Your sigils may have indeed worked to reduce the odds against you, maybe even drastically, but in the end they were still against you. At least that’s one interpretation.

    Also, can I say how much I’ve been enjoying your posts lately! I’ve really enjoyed reading about your work with CM! We’re treading a very similar path at the moment it seems like.

    • Thank you, both for the perspective and the kind words.

      My hope had been that the enchantment would be sufficient to overcome the 10W in the preliminary reading (which was about applying at all, not just doing magic about it), and the Chariot definitely told me to go ahead regardless of the “Disappointment” with which it shared the final outcome. As you say, though, the magic can only fudge the odds in my favor, it doesn’t actually rig the outcome. There are 1100 students at my school, and only 15 of these scholarships for each incoming class; as a transfer student, my “class” was already full when I arrived last year. I don’t even know that there were any actual openings when I was invited to “re”-apply. I didn’t get into it in this post, but the spell does seem to have boosted some of my other financial-aid related magic, as a TA position opened up for me that had been doubtful at the end of last semester, so the net outcome is still that I will have enough work-study to keep me in rent, magical supplies, and the occasional party.

      I hope my Chaos Magick study will continue to entertain you, especially when I start synthesizing it with my existing neo-Wiccan/visionary practice and all the fun planetary magic I picked up in last year’s study of the more formal branches of the Western Ceremonial Tradition.

  2. St.

    I wouldn’t say you didn’t put in the work. You obviously did. And accounting for technical variables is fine, but, if I might suggest, watch out for adding doubt into your work. It will weaken it in the future. If you felt like you knew what you were doing, then you did. Doubt will destroy magic quicker than anything. Magic requires confidence more so than technique.

    Also, sometimes someone else just “wants it more” and their energies override our own, especially when you are dealing with “competitive” situations. Is there a way to combat this? Sure. Does it always work? Nope, for many reasons. Also, you start getting into “moral” issues depending on your type of practice when you deal with combative magic. . .

    Good luck for the next time.

  3. I am sorry to hear that it didn’t work out! I think your reading on the outcome is better than static, and that the 2 of Wands is the key to understanding the whole thing. Your optimist spin is not entirely unwarranted.

    Crowley on the 2 of Wands: “It is ideal Will, independent of any given object….’delivered from lust of result’….more in its destructive than its creative form. More, that is, in its earlier than its later form. For destruction may be regarded as the first step in the creative process….[weird misogynist symbolism].”

    I also find the juxtaposition of the Magus and the Empress to be quite lovely – creative potential versus skill and craft. You certainly did everything correctly, but for some reason, perhaps, your Will wasn’t in it. Because there are other things in place. You’ve got a complicated web of manifesting forces ongoing, as you mentioned. It’s possible that this particular bit of Work wasn’t enough to overcome the larger trend of some other manifesting process.

    Or, someone else wanted it more. I don’t want to get too floofy on you.

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