Weekly Sigils Shoals

IMG_5601Since coming back to Indiana for the Spring semester, I have fired a shoal of sigils every week.  The idea is that doing practical, results-oriented magic on a regular basis will, a) improve my mad magic skilz in a practice-makes-perfect sort of way; b) force me to be more creative with my sigil-making and sigil-launching techniques lest boredom undo my Will; c) proivide me with raw data for deterring IMG_5602which desires and which techniques go well together; and, finally, d) result in improved efficacy of any technique I might employ, as the universe becomes accustomed to bending to my will.

So far, the project has been going well.  My “target” is a shoal of three to six sigils every IMG_5608Sunday morning, as part of my regular offering schedule.  So far I have not actually made that target: half my launches have been Sunday afternoon or evening, the other half on Monday nights.  Still: that’s progress.

The first week’s sigils were all aimed at personal outcomes: memory and discipline.  The second were social: still trying to engineer myself a new lover here in Indiana.  (High standards, highly specific notions of consent, a complicated life story, and an overabundance of undesirable near-misses make that more difficult than it might otherwise be.).  The third were aimed at memory and discipline again: being where and when I say I’ll be, and getting my assignments done on time.  The first two sets were done in what has become my most frequently employed method: drawing the sigils on a notecard and chanting “It is my will” at them until they get fuzzy.  The third week was done using a freshly-consecrated mirror as a launching platform.  That seemed to work very well, actually.

2013-02-10_11-19-41_167This week’s Work, however, had a different target which required an entirely different approach.  My parents are embroiled in an inheritance dispute.  Frankly, I should have intervened months ago, but it’s an adequately messy situation that, without any real brilliant inspiration as to how to intervene, I was more 2013-02-10_12-12-30_384than a little afraid of collateral damage.  Having been struck by a bit of that much-needed inspiration, though, what you see to the right are sigils drawn with planetary Kamea and empowered at the appropriate planetary hours this past Sunday.  Basically, I dropped Saturn and Jupiter on the matter, by the logic that the two celestial god-kings were the best way to bring a legal dispute to a close.

Results, so far, have been mixed.  My social and discipline sigils have been slow to manifest.  Perhaps my chaos sigilization technique needs work.  Perhaps it’s my launch technique.  Or maybe I just need a bigger lever to fight my own nature.  This Sunday’s planetary sigils, however, have already manifested: the situation has shifted from the lawyer saying “they should sign the paperwork soon” to the bank saying “the check is in the mail”.


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