Altar Arrangement Spring 2013

It’s been a while since I posted.  My life’s been crap.  Sadly, not even the interesting kind, so while I will allude to a few highlights in the next several posts, I won’t bore you with the details..  But things are on the upswing.

This past Wednesday, among other things, I received instructions from the gods and spirits I work with on how to arrange my altar for the coming stages of my Work.  I have long suspected that this particular set of instructions would come eventually: the combination of my devotional work and my more practical magic had made for an increasingly awkward arrangement of space over the last months. 

The timing seemed peculiar before I had the opportunity to think about it: I’ve just been getting my practice back together along with my sanity, and that’s often the exactly right time to give me marching orders.  Also, that very afternoon I found out about a couple problems with Financial Aid and the Registrar that I need magic to help me with. 

So Thursday night I took apart my altar and rebuilt it, as instructed, as two separate altars: one for my planetary, Chaos, and practical magics, and one for my gods and familiar spirits.  I broke it in that very night at the Hour of Jupiter to drop the Greater Beneficient on my problems.

The workbench needs to be raised up six inches or so, but that will have to wait until I have the money for some small but sturdy boxes or shelves, or until I have another lucky dumpster dive, whichever comes first.  The table in the middle moves out easily, and I’m going to paint it with a triangle of conjuration.


The spirit-work altar is going to need a lot more work, though.  It needs at least a one other tier so that everyone can be accommodated comfortably.  I presume that they’ll instruct me some before I leave for KC at the end of the semester.




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