In the last month, despite my relative inactivity, I’ve reached two milestones in blogging: 11,000+ all-time pageviews and 50 “official” (that is, wordpress users who pressed the button) followers.  Combined with those who follow by email and via Tumblr, that’s 120 followers altogether.

I just want to say, “Thank you all.”

I know that it’s been quiet around here lately.  School ate my life for a while, then the summer job.  To say nothing of a little bit of that “real life” drama that we alternately mock and wish we had more of, as it’s proof positive that one has a “real” life.

To commemorate this grand occasion, I will now share with you some interesting but semi-random statistics about this blog:

* Not counting the home page/archives, the most viewed single post on this blog is the Conjuration of Baphoment, viewed 417 times as of this posting.

* The two blogs which have forwarded the most traffic to me are Polyphanes’ Digital Ambler (112 referrals) and Gordon White’s Rune Soup (94).  Thanks guys!  I love you!

* Of the various search terms with have brought people to this blog, the most common are “liber mmm” (21; too bad I didn’t have more to say about that), “stele of jeu” (20, which really just goes to show how few people are talking about that rite), and “dweller on the threshold” (14).

* Of the various search terms which have brought people to this blog, the most entertaining have been, “picatrix sex” (5 times!), “dionysus statues white pagan wiccan stores” (3), “sexsigil” (2), “anime couples sleeping together” (2!?!), “my uncomfortable journey”, and “why is my life a giant clusterfuck”.



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5 responses to “Milestones

  1. Congratulations! I only link to content that’s worthy of note, anyway, so you deserve it.

  2. Christina

    My fave: “why is my life a giant clusterfuck ” LOL!

  3. Congrats and very well deserved! I’m reaching very close to those same numbers myself. Nice feeling, isn’t it? 🙂

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