A Pause for Reflection Before I Continue

I’ve been lying fallow since coming back from the epic road trip with Aradia.  I managed to put down an awful lot of things that I don’t really need while I was out there in the quiet, and I’ve pointedly avoided picking back up the mantle of power that I left here in the Sunrise Temple when I set out for Kansas City at the beginning of the summer.  I’ve been honoring my gods, feeding my familiar spirits, and mostly working on getting caught up on my sleep while some things work their way through my subconscious.

The ceremonial experiment is officially over.  I am delighted that I can now claim conjuration among my magical skills, and the relationships I have developed with planetary powers will benefit me for the rest of my life, but neither the Tree of Life nor the Seven Spheres will ever serve me as a cosmological map.  The emphasis on fatherhood and kingship gives me the heeby-jeebies. 

As I mentioned over on tumblr earlier, I’m working on a chapbook with the results of those experiments.  Hopefully others will find that useful, and take the results to places I have never even imagined.  I meant to have it ready to proof before the school year started, but that didn’t happen.  It will be free.

Project Null is still on the back burner.  The do-what-works philosophy of Chaos Magick has pretty much integrated itself into my life, but I’m not really at a point right now—as I begin my senior year of college—where I can risk blowing up my life FOR SCIENCE!

As I work my way through my senior year, as I begin seriously putting my spritual practice back together after everything that’s gone right and wrong with my magical experiments of the last two years, and as I prepare to uproot myself from the Temple I have established here at college, there’s going to be some changes on the blog.  Hopefully those changes will include more frequent and more thoughtful posts, but I sadly can’t guarantee that.  There will definitely be cosmetic changes.  There may be services offered.  There will definitely be (occasional) plugs for donations: I’m trying to go abroad, and that costs money.

There will be experiments and failures.  I hope you all will stick around with me through the growing pains.




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2 responses to “A Pause for Reflection Before I Continue

  1. Admittedly, the “emphasis on fatherhood and kingship” is really just a clique thing RO et al. have going on; it’s not something I myself resonate well with, either, and just doesn’t seem to click with me as much as it does others. I’m much more content with my messenger/servant/worker role, and even fathers have an androgynous (metagender? patagender?) source of their own.

    If you need an editor for the chapbook, lemme know! I’m excited to read it, before it’s published or afterward.

    Good luck with the changes; I’m eager to see what else you have in store for experiments, theology, cosmology, and Work.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I shall be delighted to have you go over the chapbook: you’ve done a lot more conjuration than I have and can tell me if my head is lodged up my ass.

      As for the fatherhood issue … well, we can hash that out when I find the words to describe what, exactly, went wrong with me and the ceremonial experiment at large. On the one hand, it did me a lot of good; on the other hand, I’m still recovering from the experience. ;p

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