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τούσδε ἡδονάς ἐρω: Because You Asked For a List

I like to be touched

For no reason,

Before we take off our clothes;

Before we are even alone.

A hand on my shoulder or arm,

A brush of your fingers against mine,

Reminds me that, first, we are friends.


I like to be kissed

Tenderly, then passionately.

Slowly by turns, and then hard.

My mouth, my cheeks, my eyes and ears.


I want your hands

On me:


My face, and my arms,

Your fingers in my hair.

Play with my nipples,

My back, and my thighs.


Let your hair cascade

past your shoulders, falling

over me: silken caresses,

the smell of human and shampoo.


Kiss my wrists, my ribs,

My ears, my neck,

My fingers, and behind my knees.


on your favorite parts.

There is no part of my body

I do not want in your mouth.


I like to look at you

Beneath me, smiling;

To see you atop me

Taking your pleasure.


I like to be fingered

And fucked in the ass.

Penetrate me.

Claim me.

Leave your mark

for the world to see

or not.


I like to take turns,

On top and on bottom:

teasing and talking.

fucking and laughing.


I want you to tell me

what you need,

What feels good.

Teach me where

To touch you and how,

What not to do.

How many times can you cum?


There should be laughter

And love, whatever the flavor.

Pillow talk about verbs,

And the friends we both lust after.


And even if you can’t stay

until morning,

stay for a while, in the quiet,

so my oft-broken heart can believe,

though you’ve given no cause for doubt,

that you will still respect me

when you’ve gone.



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