In Summation: May, June, July

No, I’m not dead.

We put on a fuckin’ festival, y’all.  It was bad-ass.

I, your fuckin’ favorite satyr, have been elected to the position of Chair of the Heartland Spiritual Alliance Sacred Experience Committee.  Aradia has been elected Chair of Public Relations.

I finished writing a novel back in February.  A lot of July went to editing it.  As soon as some friends get back to me with their comments, I’m going to edit some more and try to publish.  First dibs go to Nephelim Press, if they’re interested.  If I can’t get a deal by January, I’m going to self-publish … partially because I’m impatient, partially because it’s too fucking queer and witchy to get mainstream traction anyway.  There are five to ten sequels coming when I’m done with that.  I’m going to start posting excerpts here, soon, because if anyone wants to read my novels about witches and monsters and old gods usurping the goddamn appocalypse it’s you guys.  (Please tell me you want to read my novels.)

July has been lots and lots of photography. There will be more of that here, too.  This was supposed to be an art blog, too.  Art is magick.  Magick is art.

It’s really funny that I actually blogged more when I was in school than in the year since.  Dafuq, y’all?

Sorry about that.  I’m trying to come back.

An individual in a black-and white mask, wearing a white robe and two silver chains with one breast bared, offers you a sword.

Sneak preview. Because I love you.


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