Photo story: the Mask of Baphomet

The first of many series exploring myth, ritual, and possession, I shot these photos around the first of the month with my first professional model, Felicity Houpte.  Inspired by my experiences with the Conjuration of Baphomet, this series depicts a simple rite of evocation and the donning of a mask, followed by possession by the god Baphomet and finally apotheosis.

Images below the fold for space considerations and because they are not safe for work.

A skinny white woman kneels before an altar and raises a censer over her head. masks_07_small masks_08_small masks_11_small


masks_12_small masks_19_small masks_22_smallMore pictures from the shoot can be found at my portfolio, where prints are also available for sale.

I am actively seeking witches, sorcerers, and magicians who are interested in exploring this sort of magical art with me, so if you would like to collaborate with me — as model, ritualist, or designer — please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Felicity and I took a lot of pictues that day, so there is more of her to come.


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