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Novel Excerpt: The Mark of the Wolf: the Seer

My recently completed novel, The Mark of the Wolf, is a tale of supernatural horror and the occult, informed by my lifetime of magical practice as much as my love of monster movies and genre fiction. The story revolves around a high-school Pagan club from the late 1990s, and a young woman who comes to them for help when she thinks she’s been cursed.  They agree to help her, if reluctantly, and find themselves drawn into the more dangerous regions of the magical world they had already begun to explore.

The passage below is an excerpt from the second chapter. I’m in the final stages of editing and only beginning to seek out publishers, but it’s never too early to start promoting.

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Heartland Pagan Festival Sacred Experience Committee Survey

In keeping with my duties as chair of the Sacred Experience Committee, I’m trying to find out what, exactly it is that HPF attendees want out of the main ritual arc.

Would you lovely people who attend the Heartland Pagan Festival be willing to fill out a survey?  We ask a couple questions about your attendance history, your personal practice, and what you think is important about a public ritual.

We have also made a facebook page to make ourselves easier to find.  We are here for the benefit of festival attendees.

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