HPF 2016 Preview: Come to My Workshops

In addition to my official work as Chair of the Sacred Experience Committee (that is to say, the main ritual arc and other public rituals), I’ll be presenting four workshops and rituals at this year’s festival.

Three of the four will be Friday, each (in theory) building on the last.

Firstly, at ten in the morning, I will be presenting a workshop on energy work, circle casting, and basic ritual construction.   With a little bit of wit and talent, someone will hopefully come in knowing only a little bit of theory and walk out prepared to cast their first serious spell or conjuration.

Second, in the early afternoon, I will be presenting a workshop on conjuring spirits.  It’s a little bit of theory, and a little bit of pointers on practice based in my own practice.  The target audience for this workshop are those of moderate to extensive magical experience but little or no background in conjuring spirits.  That magician will leaving my workshop with the tools necessary to begin their own experiments in conjuration.

Third, beginning at Sunset, I will take advantage of the First Hour of Night on the Day of Venus, and lead interested attendees in a conjuration of the spirits of Venus for her blessing and grace.

The fourth and final workshop, on Sunday afternoon, will be a group discussion on the experience of being Queer and Pagan.  I want to create a space to have a conversation about our magical and spiritual experiences, particularly those unique to our community, and to discuss possible solutions to the challenges we experience in the face of the overwhelming heterosexism of the neo-Pagan community.  The workshop is by and for queer people, and while I am not opposed to allies showing up, this will not be a place for them to talk.

Last year I only hosted one workshop, my first on spirit conjuration.  It was very well recieved and I am very excited to be doing more this year.  I hope to see some of you there.


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