Elemental Masks Project: Feral as Keeper of Air

In the fourth and final installment in Feral’s time with the elemental masks, here she appears as the Keeper of Air.  Feral is the second model to help me explore the personalities of these masks and the elemental powers they represent.

Feral did very fine work, and was a great deal of fun to work with.  But I hope, as the project continues, to recruit more witches and occultists to model for me — people who will be more naturally inclined to the energies that I am asking them to embody.

Prints, and the entire project to date, can be found at my portfolio.  For the Feral as the four Keepers, click here.  For the project in toto, click here.  If you appreciate my work, either my art or my witchcraft, please consider purchasing prints.  And if you are at all interested in working with me, as a mage or a model, please shoot me an email using the link to your left.  (Of course, with fest so close — by the time this post goes live, I will, in fact, already be in the woods — right now I can only pay in mead … but I can pay in a great deal of mead.)


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