Unveiling The Sorcerer’s Workbench: Talismanic Jewelry Design Prototypes

I’ve had a lot of great opportunities come my way lately.  One of them has left me in a position to begin making jewelry that I want to make, and take on clients of my own.  Mostly I’m doing repairs for friends, so far, and (if all goes well) one significant piece of custom work.  But I’m also putting out my own line of magical jewely.  Some of the designs are my own art; some of the talismans come to me by gnosis; still others are inspired by the grimoire traditions.

The first, and the one most likely to see some revision, is pure art: when I started Project Null, my Chaos Magic study, I wanted a pretty picture to go with it on the blog.  So I took an ourobouros I had drawn, and Levi’s Baphomet, and a Chaosphere, and mashed them all together.


The second is a Solar talisman, based on the Sun Mask I made some years ago, and has already proven itself an excellent access point to solar currants.

solar mask image 3IMG_20160713_081102

The third Is an image of Venus, formed by combining two of the images described in agrippa: a bird-headed woman with eagle’s feet, and a maiden with a comb and an applet.

talisman of venusIMG_20160712_131323

All three pieces are 1.5 inches in diameter.

They are available as copper talisman disks (shown) for $25 +shipping.  They can be made wearable with a silver bezel and bail for $45, or cast in sterling silver (with or without a bail) for $75.


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