I am a Dionysiac witch: queer, radical, hedonistic, ecstatic.  I am a madman exploring the spiritual wilderness with a machete in one hand and a jug of too-young wine in the other.

I currently serve my community as the Chair of the Sacred Experience Committee of the Heartland Spiritual Alliance.  It is my first year in the position.

I live in Kansas City, where I pay my bills by fixing jewelry.  In my “spare time”, I am attempting to publish my first completed novel while I continue to write the sequels.  Whenever I can force the laws of space-time to yield, I am a photographer and visual artist interested in myth, ritual, and identity.  Somewhere along the way, I picked up a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Studies, and a habit of giving the Evil Eye to anyone who can’t seriously evaluate their sources.

I live with my partner Aradia with our petulant overlords, a pair of extremely spoiled but loving house cats.

Sometimes this blog gets political.  Sometimes the art gets sexually graphic.  Sorry not sorry.


3 responses to “About

  1. Ahhh a fellow NaNoWriMo writer! No matter how many times I try, I never manage to reach the 50k mark…and always end up with some crazy excuse for it.

  2. Christopher Berry

    I must agree with your post about transgression / queer/ empty model. I too am drawn to Dionysos, and to Pan, Cernunos, and a few others whose names may or may not equal the same consciousness… I too yearn for a truly Queer witchcraft and Deity (ies) who lead me deeper into myself as much as they lead me out of an internal / external morass. I have wriited you before Re: Dionysos, but have been busy and much distracted since then, as I know you have. I live in Springfield, MO., but I could make the drive to KC to meet and discuss. Email me at fantachris@msn.com.
    Yours, Christopher Berry

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