Dramatis Personae

I make more than occasional references to people in my life – current our past.  Those of you who didn’t happen to catch the posts where they were introduced (and even those of you who did) might enjoy a crash-course in Who What When Where Why and How.  They are presented below in alphabetical order for lack of a more rational order.

Alopex – an old friend from the KU Cauldron days.

Aradia – my primary partner and priestess.  Brilliant at potions and visionary work.

Aidan – fiery witchling, husband to Pasiphae.  Started working with Aradia, Pasiphae, and I shortly before the pseudo-coven failed.

B – a psychic vampire who haunted the KU Cauldron during my time there.

Chirotus – a magician from the failed psuedo-coven.  I originally knew him from the KU Cauldron.  Now my Keeper of Water in the HSA Sacred Experience Committee.

D – one of my oldest magical friends.  We met at HPF2000 or 2001, and though we don’t talk as much as I’d like, we are still in contact.  Also a member of the failed pseudo-coven.

Firebird – a friend of Aradia’s who visited us once to attend the KC Renaissance Faire.

Ginko – a good friend from the early days of the KU Cauldron who now lives with her wife in Chicago.  Talks to trees.  I officiated the (legal) wedding.

Medeia – one of my first magical teachers, from back in the high school days at the Java Break.  Dragon-blooded druid who should fucking contact me if she ever stumbles across this blog.

Pasiphae – earth-goddess kitchen-witch type from the failed psuedo-coven.  My Keeper of Earth at HPF 2015-16.

Sannafrid – my partner at the Sunrise Temple.  Devotee of Hel and Freya.

Sthenno – ceremonialist I met at school.  Pointed me to many of the magical highlights of my blogroll.

Squirrel – a good friend from the early days of the KU Cauldron who now lives with her wife in Chicago.  Dedicated to Brigid.  I officiated the (legal) wedding.

Whytar – ceremonialist from the failed pseudo-coven.  Computer techie who apparently decided that the internet sucked once HTML got too complicated and doesn’t participate in social media or blogs.  Can’t say he made the wrong choice.


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