Mead Recipes

My process, broken down into 14 easy steps–including the drinking.

An index of my mead recipes, planned and completed.

Beltane Mead

A plain honey mead, a little sweeter than my usual. Good for warming you for the year’s first round of naked bonfire dancing.

Midsummer Mead

A melomel made with the fruit of dark cherries. Bold flavor.

Mabon Mead

Spiced pumpkin mead.

Samhain Mead

A pomegranate mead, ideal for celebrating the mysteries of the underworld.

Yule Mead

Spiced apple.

Imbolc Blackberry Mead

Sadly, a one time good deal as I doubt that I will have access to those beautiful blackberries again.  Still, for the sake of posterity …

Ginger Mead

My first genuinely experimental batch in a while.

Ancient Orange (External Link)

This is the recipe I use in my mead-making workshops, culled from the dark recesses of the internet.  And by “ancient”, of course, he means “way back in the 60’s before home brew supply stores were in every major city”.


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