Despite my best intentions, it turns out that I can’t be arsed to tell my stories in order.  Because I’m fucking obsessive compulsive, though, I feel the need to provide a chronological index.  This may push the blog right out of “radical honesty” into “over sharing”, but … well, shit happens.  This will also help me remember which stories I have and haven’t gotten around to telling.

The eras below are necessarily arbitrary.  Given that some of the stories actually cover long periods of time, I have ordered them either by when they started or when they became most significant.

When I Was But A Wee Faun of a Mage (1993 to 1999ish)

IRC and An Astral Interwebs

Web of Influence

Druid Dragon Lady

Halloween 1997 Was Very Exciting: Daemon Wolf and the Dark Elf

Cemetery Gates

A Taboo Against Evocation

My First “Exorcism”

The Cauldron Days (c.1999 to 2006)

Ouija: Spirit Contact and Conflict in the KU Cauldron

Buffy the Vampire

That One Time I Broke My Brain

St. Louis and Kansas City: Insert Funny Title Here (2006 to 2011)

She Below

Gods of Earth and Sky

The Origin of Tsu

Twice Born

Performing My First Wedding

Leading a Seance of Sorts

Matriculating Hard Core (2011 until 2014)

Ceremonial Intent

Sunrise Temple

Kicking Myself In the Balls With Magick!

Icepick Initiation to Hermetics

Conjuration Experiments: Spirits of Spirits

Failure to Bind

Roots in the Community (2014 – Present)

Public Samhain Ritual 2015

Looking Forward to HPF 2015

Sacred Experience Committee

Pagan Leadership / This Is NOT an HSA Blog



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