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Keeper of Earth

_DSC0864_earth card

The Keeper of Earth

A priest/ess and oracle, the title Keeper of Earth originates in the idealized coven structure that I developed for a series of experimental rituals (as yet never performed), and have used in both my (as yet unpublished) novels and the public rituals I have written in my capacity as a member and now chair of the HSA Sacred Experience Committee.

This image represents my first attempt at using Photoshop more vigorously than simple photo development, combining two images from very different times and places.  The top image, the Keeper of Earth, herself, comes from my most recent photo shoot, at the beginning of the month, with the delightful Kajira Bound.  The background image comes from Olympia, taken during my study abroad in Greece.  Together they form the prototype for a maybe-someday-maybe-not oracle deck that I occasionally hypothesize.

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30 March, 2016 · 5:20 pm

A Lost Oportunity

Below are a series of images I had intended to submit to the Beltane edition of A Beautiful Resistance.  Unfortunately, my life got away from me, and I missed the opportunity to participate in my community.  But here they are, for the pleasure of my readers.  I believe you may have seen some of them before, but I hope you enjoy seeing them again.


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29 March, 2016 · 5:04 pm

Beltane Altar 2014




My latest Beltane altar, built on the first night of the Full Moon.  Needs more phalloi.


15 April, 2014 · 11:12 am

February Dark Moon Tarot

February Dark Moon Tarot

There’s a little bit of love goin’ on in the Current Position and the Querrant cards, but … dag, I ain’t feeling it right now. Very intrigued by the parallel sevens in the “inner influences” positions, and the parallel knights in the final outcomes.

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5 February, 2014 · 8:44 pm

Imbolc Altar 2014

Imbolc Altar 2014

This year more than usual, my Imbolc prayer is for the return of warmth.

Also, really trying to rock the candle / light theme this year.

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4 February, 2014 · 10:55 pm

Typhoeus: King of the Earth-born Monsters

Typhoeus: King of the Earth-born Monsters

Inspired by images such as this, combined with the Hesiodic description:

Hesiod, Theogony 820 ff (trans. Evelyn-White) (Greek epic C8th or C7th B.C.) :
“Typhoeus; the hands and arms of him are mighty, and have work in them, and the feet of the powerful god were tireless, and up from his shoulders there grew a hundred snake heads, those of a dreaded drakon, and the heads licked with dark tongues, and from the eyes on the inhuman heads fire glittered from under the eyelids: from all his heads fire flared from his eyes’ glancing; and inside each one of these horrible heads there were voices that threw out every sort of horrible sound, for sometimes it was speech such as the gods could understand, but at other times, the sound of a bellowing bull, proud-eyed and furious beyond holding, or again like a lion shameless in cruelty, or again it was like the barking of dogs, a wonder to listen to, or again he would whistle so the tall mountains re-echoed to it.”

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10 October, 2013 · 3:05 pm

Mine at last!



6 March, 2013 · 1:02 pm